Week 3: American Cheese Month

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Week 3: American Cheese Month

Chronicling my first year celebrating American Cheese Month, a promotion of the American Cheese Society.

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Chronicling my first year celebrating American Cheese Month, a promotion of the American Cheese Society.
Day 15 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday). APB: @ROGUE_CREAMERY River Blue available now! Seasonal: equinox to equinox aging. Sweetest blue ever.Kate McCarthy
Seriously, get your hands on this cheese.
Day 16 #AmCheeseMonth. Bent River Camembert. Grassy farmyard creamy broccolish w lingering caramel-y aftertaste. Dangerous.Kate McCarthy
oops almost forgot to post! Day 17 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday). weirauch’s rumpel: tangy and smooth creaminess.Kate McCarthy
Day 18 #AmCheeseMonth. From @CowgirlCreamery’s Sidekick, Wagon Wheel and Browning Gold grilled cheese w onions. Rich gooey-ness.Kate McCarthy
Day 19 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday). Woah pepper! Detroit Street Brick goat cheese w peppercorn tangy, rich and peppery. Did I mention pepper?Kate McCarthy
Day 20 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday). Beecher’s Flagship Reserve. Full-favored, salty, nutty cheese. Pretty solid.Kate McCarthy
Day 21 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday). Pleasant Ridge Reserve. Easy to know why it’s one of America’s most celebrated cheeses. Flavor country.Kate McCarthy
Only about 10 days and 10 cheese left!

Week 2: American Cheese Month

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Week 2: American Cheese Month

Chronicling my first year celebrating American Cheese Month, a promotion of the American Cheese Society.

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Chronicling my first year celebrating American Cheese Month, a promotion of the American Cheese Society.
Day 8 #AmCheeseMonth: @BellwetherFarms Cow’s Milk Ricotta. Amped up the deliciousness of pasta with homegrown summer squash in tomato sauceKate McCarthy
Day 9 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday): CO takes the cheese plate w @AvalancheCheese’s Lamborn Bloomer, @MoucoCheese’s Ashley.Kate McCarthy
Note: Though some might argue it is unfair to compare, Mouco’s Ashley was more memorable. The plate favorite.
Day 10 #AmCheeseMonth: Sierra Nevada Cheese Co’s Chèvre in homegrown beet risotto w beet greens. Creamy and tangy.Kate McCarthy
I’ll be revisiting this chevre–great price for the yumminess. Super smooth texture.
Day 11 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday): cottage cheese battle: @coverstornetta 4% milkfat v Nancy’s Cultures lowfat. Not really fair.Kate McCarthy
I looked to see if Nancy’s Cultures has full fatty goodness cottage cheese and was surprised to find they didn’t. Their sour cream is my favorite.
Day 12 #AmCheeseMonth (Friday, off grid): Weirauch Farm’s Carabiner. Simple and lovely raw cow’s milk mountain cheese. A new-ish fave.Kate McCarthy
Day 13 #AmCheeseMonth (Saturday, off grid): Central Coast Creamery’s Goat Gouda: A more-salty-than-sweet tangy Gouda.Kate McCarthy
Day 14 #AmCheeseMonth: @CellarsatJH Harbison, the most AMAZING bloomy rind, bark-wrapped cheese. Oozy creaminess w mustardy notes.Kate McCarthy
Seriously. Harbison?! If you have access to this cheese EAT IT! It is amazing. One of my favorite discoveries of the year! I got mine at Mission Cheese.

Week 1: American Cheese Month

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Week 1: American Cheese Month

My first week of delicious American cheeses.

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The first week of American Cheese Week, a promotion of the American Cheese Society was delicious! And, I got to enjoy a cheese tasting at one of my favorite hometown events, the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, with some of the best cheeses from the county I grew up in! Win-win! Here is the recap:
Day 1 #AmCheeseMonth (from yesterday): Vella Dry Jack. My go-to camping cheese bc it fairs well w/o refrigeration. Flavor country!Kate McCarthy
Day 2 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday): standby @tillamookcheese Extra Sharp Cheddar. Lovely on nachos with homemade guacamole.Kate McCarthy
Day 3 #AmCheeseMonth: Corner store pick @Sartori_Cheese Reserve Bellavitano Gold. Surprisingly lush, nutty and creamy. Debate snack.Kate McCarthy
Day 4 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday): Caveman Blue from my favorite blue cheese maker @ROGUE_CREAMERY! rich, creamy, buttery, perfect.Kate McCarthy
Day 5 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday): River’s Edge Chèvre-Up in Smoke. Chèvre delicately smoked in maple leaves. Glam-campfire. Delicious!Kate McCarthy
Day 6 #AmCheeseMonth: Local triple cream favorite @CowgirlCreamery’s Mt. Tam. Perfect creaminess, flavor and texture.Kate McCarthy
This is also the day I had the tasting at the Harvest Fair with Lagunitas and “The Beer Chef” Bruce Paton. So…I ate a lot of cheese that day.
cheese and beer tasting platekateatyrownrisk
confession: mt. tam was 7th #AmCheeseMonth cheese I had today: cottage cheese, hwy 1, estero gold, carmody, san andreas, aged white cheddarKate McCarthy
Day 7 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday): Highway One from Valley Ford Cheese Co. Mild, creamy fontina-inspired cheese. Great for snacking.Kate McCarthy
Ready for week 2?! Me too!

Debate BINGO Cards are here!

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Here are some debate BINGO cards to entertain you during tonite’s Obama-Romney Debate!
Debate BINGO

Have fun!

Kate Slate: SF Election June 2012: Better late than never

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You say there is an election tomorrow…wait, in seven hours…(or maybe we’ve caught you completely unawares. It is okay. You can still vote, too. If you don’t know your polling place, head to City Hall.)

The goal of the Kate Slate is to provide you with some basic info about what is on the ballot while I navigate the ballot myself. This is a crazy tradition I have been sharing with my friends ever since I have been able to vote, and you are receiving this because you have RSVP’d for a Slate Party I have hosted, or I consider you a real life friend, and thought you might want this info.

When it comes to the ballot, I go issue by issue, and sometimes end up voting against something that seems right up my alley, since I tend to have a radical left perspective on social issues. I hate poorly written legislation, and tend to vote against it, even if I support the basic premise. I also tend to run from ballot box budgeting (inflexible!) and bond measures (though not always). And, I think policy statements are a waste of time and money since they are non-binding, and allow for a “foot in the door” for future binding legislation. Feel free to forward it to friends (and friends, if someone other than me sent this to you feel free to drop me a line if you end up reading it, I like to hear who this made its way to).

Finally, my Slate is fully independent of my employer in every way and in no way should be thought to represent any views of anyone other than myself. No one lobbies me for a specific endorsement, though I do have thoughtful engaging conversations with friends who sometime shed light on aspects I hadn’t considered.

You probably won’t agree with me on everything, and that is okay.

Finally, I am not affiliated with a party! Which means that I don’t get to vote on the DCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC (extra C’s intentional). See below for who I say yes on, I’d leave the rest blank. If you trust the other voters. Otherwise I’d feverishly search facebook for anything incriminating.

As always, thanks for reading, bonus points for voting!


The quickie (see below for details)

State Propostition 28 – Yes
State Propostition 29 – Yes

Prop A – City Waste Management Contracts – No
Prop B – Coit Tower Policy Statement – No
US Senator – Diane Feinstein
US House Representative – Nancy Pelosi
State Senator – Mark Leno
State Assembly – Tom Ammiano

DCCC – District 17
John Avalos
Joaquin Torres
Alix Amelia Rosenthal
Rafael Mandelman
David Campos
David Chiu

DCCC – District 19
Eric Mar

The Details

State Propostition 28 – Limits on Legislators’ Terms in Office, Initiative Constitutional Amendment. – Yes

Currently, you can serve three two-year terms in the State Assembly and two four-year terms in the Senate. This bill would change it so you could serve up to twelve years in either house, in any combination of terms. The idea here is that politicians wouldn’t be jockeying for their next office, and potentially less vulnerable to lobbyists who don’t have to change office every couple years.

State Propostition 29 – Imposes Additional Tax on Cigarettes for Cancer Research. Initiative Statute. – Yes

After a little research, via the Controller’s report in my vote information pamphlet, I discovered that when we passed Prop 10 in 1998, the number of smokers decreased significantly. Prop 10 added a $.50 cigarette tax on all packs of cigarettes, some of which was for cancer research. When the number of smokers decreased, so did the amont of money generated to fund that cancer research. This would help make up for some of that funding, and then some. Though, they better start taxing other things that cause cancer, too, otherwise this is just a temporary solution, too. At any rate, aggressive taxing has had a positive impact on reducing smoking, which I also think is good.

Prop A – City Waste Management Contracts – No

Basically A states that the City will go a competitive bidding process for permits for five types of waste management in San Francisco, from trash to compost, business and residential, all of it. Aaaaaand San Francisco would have to own all the processing and transfer facilities, which it currently does not (which means buying it from the current owner, um, Recology, who um, holds the current waste management permits, or build one. So, while the competitive bidding process sounds awesome, so does one business handling it all (rather than five companies trying to manage five different aspects of it and trying to, um, collaborate). And, also Recology does a really great job. I mean a state of the art job. Cities are jealous of our trash management system, and that isn’t something cities always get jealous about. And, if that doesn’t satisfy you, Recology currently has a 10-year contract with the city that goes to a competitive bidding process when it is over. So, no real strong reason to vote yes, for me.

Prop B – Coit Tower Policy Statement – No

Since I generally vote No on policy statements, it should come to no surprise to you that it has come to this. And yet, while I agree that fancy pants soirees should benefit the public sector when on public land, I don’t like the idea that all the money generated from one park would go to only that park. Since, of course, some of our parks are more glamorous than others, and get all the glitz and glamour, while our other beloved public spaces don’t generate a penny, yet they deserve funding too! So, beyond just it being a policy statement, it is also a foot in the door…if this passes wait for a future binding piece of legislation that refers to the “will of the voters”…”in June 2012” who voted strongly in favor of such a policy. Do I seem paranoid? I really love my parks. Vote No.

US Senator

Well, voters, we effed this one up, by establishing open primaries. What that means is that every party candidate is on the ballot, and the two biggest vote earners show up on the November Ballot. Nice. May the richest candidate win. Now look what you are saddled with. Are you going to be all idealistic, and stick it to Di Fi once and for all, and vote a 9th or 10th party candidate? Or, are you going straight for safety and sticking to the only two candidates you might actually live with (enter Di Fi–Diane Feinstein to those who love her. I won’t judge you.

US House of Representatives

Nancy Pelosi… I mean look at your options.

State Senator – Mark Leno
He’s been fairly amicable, and I endorsed him in 2008, too.

State Assembly – Tom Ammiano

One of my favorite politicians, was the first San Francisco Supervisors to ride his bike in San Francisco. I enthusiastically endorse him for a second term, as I did for his first.

District 17
John Avalos
Joaquin Torres
Alix Amelia Rosenthal
Rafael Mandelman
David Campos
David Chiu

District 19
Eric Mar….

Sorry I can’t find a District 19 ballot otherwise I would tell you about more people!

Okay, I promise better next time! And earlier!