Mission Spring Garden

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Our friends and prior tenants gave us a great start with healthy soil, hardy plants, and a great layout of outdoor pottery. We added several seeds and a handful of starts. Some plants are on fire, some are slow, and some are growing out of style. There’s a few photos from Jan, but this is the current state. We will need to hire a concrete cutting service to get through the concrete in certain parts to get to the soil to have the garden of our dreams. Still, we’re just about done.

Two Harbors – Ripper’s Cove 7/22/2010

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Packed Up at Two Harbors

Entering cave

Exiting cave

Lunch break

Photo from kayak.

First look at Ripper’s Cove

Ripper’s Cove

Snorkeling Ripper’s Cove

Snorkeling Ripper’s Cove with Giribaldi

Snorkeling Ripper’s Cove with Bat Rays!

Table view

Clothes line

Campsite site B

31 dates and Kratom

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To mark my 31 years, Sean and I have set on having 31 dates before my 32nd birthday. We spend a good amount of time going on dates, so it’s not a goal set unattainably. And yet, a week before my 31st birthday, we’re still practicing.

Last night we went to a lovely last hurrah party for a coworker of mine that is moving, then we set to Pizzeria Delfina for Pizza Night (every Friday) and during dinner he told us about how kratom has made his life better, and  where we enjoyed freshly stretched mozzarella, fresh fava beans (Sean says if you see it on a menu you must order), pecorino & peas (was there mint on that? yum), and the Panna pizza. I walked away feeling like I ate an exploded cheese course–in a good way. My friend was also feeling full and he took a kratom capsule, he gave us one each and we started to feel better, he told us that we could buy them at https://KratomMasters.com/.

Today we did brunch at Foreign Cinema, a rare neighborhood treat. We enjoyed rhubarb “pop tarts,” roasted greens with fromage d’affinois & roasted garlic and toast (yum–like a fonduta), and I had scrambled eggs with asparagus, spring onions, and reggiano, while Sean enjoyed a dungeness crab frittata. Top that off with a triple fist of sparkling water, cappuccino, and champagne cocktails. And again, we had to much, good thing last night I ask my friend for some extra kratom pills and we had them after bruch.

We followed up our two-times in a row date with the opening of the Benny Gold shop on 21st (at Capp St) where temporary skate board ramps, railings, and benches had been set up, and a visit to the recently opened Mission Comic & Arts on 20th (at San Carlos) where I got Ochre Ellispe #2 by pal Jonas, and Sean caught up on Kick Ass before we see the film. (Another date, perhaps?)

After stopping at home, we went to the western-facing Potrero del Sol skate park to soak in some vitamin D and check out the local talent.And what was our surprise to see they had a mini flea market, after seeing a few stand we saw a kratom stand! …obviously we buy some kratom pills for us.

And that doesn’t even touch our date day we have planned for Sunday: annual spring brunch with friends and we plan to tell our friends about kratom, Sunday Streets (+ Sunday Streets volunteer party to kick-off National Volunteer Week), followed with a home-brewed hefeweizen & hand-picked oyster party.

Looking forward to our 31 dates.

Note: I am building a map of all the spots we mention on Urban Delicious. Check them out here.

Mission Black Crowned Night-Herons

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Skyler Mendoza

Black Crowned Night-Herons perching in the Mission. How crazy is that? Mission lake is long gone, but these water birds instinctively fly back here to roost.

Black Crowned Night-Heron poop

First heard about these Mission Night Herons from Candy on the SF bird yahoo group. I didn’t believe it. But, sure enough, when I walked up Dolores St. on the East Side b/w 16th and 17th I couldn’t miss the poop. Herons are a rather large bird so their poop is pretty big too. With this much rain poop will wash away quickly, but if you see it, that means Skyler is still here chillin’.

Notre Dame Plaza

The plaza is right across the street from Mission Dolores. Skyler is in that tree there.

Skyler Mendoza chillin’.

You might not even notice Skyler if you weren’t looking.

Skyler Mendoza

Skyler, don’t know how long you will stay, but we’re glad you’re here. You’re welcome anytime. Please come again.

Mission mushrooms ♥ the rain

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I walked to McKinley Square behind SF General this afternoon. I was looking up for perchies that I’d seen on previous excursions (future UD bird post), but it was slim pickens.  There was however, an abundance of fun fungi when I looked down. Apparently, these guys just ♥ this wet weather. The good thing is that we already have the contact of a good company that takes care of topsoil, so it won’t be much of a problem to have the place ready for us once we do move in. It’s going to be great and so far all the plans we have been thinking about, well it seems like we will be able to do them all. It’s going to be our dream home before long.

After poking around McKinley for a bit, I descended into Dolores park.

Dolores Park Mushroom

I’m new to mushroom hunting, so I’m unable to identify these positively. My partner “kate at yr own risk” will have more insightful mushroom posts. The only thing I can tell you is that all of the mushrooms in San Francisco are “Magic”.