Week 1: American Cheese Month

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Week 1: American Cheese Month

My first week of delicious American cheeses.

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The first week of American Cheese Week, a promotion of the American Cheese Society was delicious! And, I got to enjoy a cheese tasting at one of my favorite hometown events, the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, with some of the best cheeses from the county I grew up in! Win-win! Here is the recap:
Day 1 #AmCheeseMonth (from yesterday): Vella Dry Jack. My go-to camping cheese bc it fairs well w/o refrigeration. Flavor country!Kate McCarthy
Day 2 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday): standby @tillamookcheese Extra Sharp Cheddar. Lovely on nachos with homemade guacamole.Kate McCarthy
Day 3 #AmCheeseMonth: Corner store pick @Sartori_Cheese Reserve Bellavitano Gold. Surprisingly lush, nutty and creamy. Debate snack.Kate McCarthy
Day 4 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday): Caveman Blue from my favorite blue cheese maker @ROGUE_CREAMERY! rich, creamy, buttery, perfect.Kate McCarthy
Day 5 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday): River’s Edge Chèvre-Up in Smoke. Chèvre delicately smoked in maple leaves. Glam-campfire. Delicious!Kate McCarthy
Day 6 #AmCheeseMonth: Local triple cream favorite @CowgirlCreamery’s Mt. Tam. Perfect creaminess, flavor and texture.Kate McCarthy
This is also the day I had the tasting at the Harvest Fair with Lagunitas and “The Beer Chef” Bruce Paton. So…I ate a lot of cheese that day.
cheese and beer tasting platekateatyrownrisk
confession: mt. tam was 7th #AmCheeseMonth cheese I had today: cottage cheese, hwy 1, estero gold, carmody, san andreas, aged white cheddarKate McCarthy
Day 7 #AmCheeseMonth (yesterday): Highway One from Valley Ford Cheese Co. Mild, creamy fontina-inspired cheese. Great for snacking.Kate McCarthy
Ready for week 2?! Me too!

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